Lumb Lane

Lumb Lane connects Audenshaw Road and Manchester Road.
For most of the twentieth century it carried vehicular traffic. It crossed the Manchester to Yorkshire Railway originally at a level crossing and later by a bridge, and crossed the Manchester to Ashton canal originally with a swing bridge and pedestrian bridge which were replaced with a hump backed bridge.
With the construction of the M60 motorway, Lumb lane was closed to cars and a pedestrian underpass below the motorway was built.

Before the building of the reservoirs in the 1870’s Lumb Lane crossed Audenshaw Road to the south, and was the lane running through the village of Audenshaw on which was situated Red Hall and the original Red Hall Chapel.

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Canal swing bridge looking East

Canal swing bridge looking West

Level Crossing circa 1900

Drawing of the Old Red Hall . The early place of worship before the first chapel was built in the old Audenshaw village. The foundations of which now lie under water in the no. 2 reservoir, almost opposite the end of Lumb Lane

There is still a little bit of nature left in Audenshaw, some celandines growing this Spring on Slate Lane, near the canal bridge on Lumb Lane.