Help Wanted:

WW1 Family Missing...

We were contacted in January by Laura Lowes who is searching for details about family members:

Laura is looking for information about Frederick Samuel and Mary Anne Collins' family of 6 boys and 2 girls.  Lauras Grandma was one of the girls.  In 1884 they lived at Dean Head Cottages, in 1895 they'd moved to 385 Audenshaw Rd.  Frederick was a Leather Dresser.  All the sons were killed in WW1.

2 of the sons, Charles and Joseph were killed in action in France in 1918, but we are still looking for leads for the other 4.

Are there any WW1 War memorials/church memorials in the area worth checking?

Would war deaths have been reported in local papers back in 1914-1918?

What local papers were being published in the area at that time?

Any help or information that we could pass on to Laura would be greatly appreciated

St Stephens C of E Primary School, Audenshaw

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the opening of St Stephens Primary School, and ALHS have had a request for information about the school, to be used in a special celebration.

Unfortunately, after asking our members and trawling our archives, we have drawn a blank and so are appealing for any information, ephemera, pictures, or personal memories of one of our local landmark buildings to help the School and the Governors Celebrate the 150th Anniversary this year.

Please see our 'Contact Us' page to get in touch if you think you could help!


Hooley Hill New Connection Chapel

Hooley Hill New Connection Chapel

This stood on Shepley Road after having been established in the early 1800's
We would like any details or photographs